However, do be certain that the image is cropped to be within the actual film frame in the Preview, because any extra dead space around the image drastically affects the auto histogram settings, in any scanner, in every case. I’m surprised at the amount of colour that can be recovered, and there are clear limitations to working with year-old slide film. Not the right developer but you can go with it. Two Cactus Flowers April by nbg The second toolbar has buttons that vary with the Tabs above it. Block head by Peter Teunissen.

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Rockefeller State Park by John. Also the index scan data can be saved to or restored from an Index file, so the data can be reloaded again later without a rescan and it includes Preview data too, if so selected. I think it is right about here from google maps: The colour banding on the tarmac is an artefact of scanning, I think.

Three trees and a square by Peter Teunissen.

September 28, Photography. I have made no attempt to keep track of which combination was used with each shot. Realy like shooting these kind of snaps, must do more of them!


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Film Scanners

Natural born victim by Peter Teunissen. I’m missing my Nikon scanner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The Image Correction Tab has the image contrast and color tools. Jim November 18, at The statues are called “De Hondjes” the little dogswere made by Marjolijn Mandersloot and placed there after a reconstruction of the overpass. The three white point settings are superimposed with the original dark curve the light lines, shows well on a color screen. It’s basically fried batter filled with raisins and served with powdered sugar.

When I looked closer I noticed some writing on the image of the woman which reads:.

With focusing and 16 bit, dpi and full frame, my MHz computer can stretch one image to nearly 5 minutes. Block head by Peter Teunissen.

The gist of life by Peter Teunissen. Another winter scene in the park.

Comparison between DiMAGE Scanners

Self-portrait as a meditating salaryman by Dyal Teunissen. If you have an interest in what I was carrying here it is: Neige et reflets au Parc de la Citadelle.


From left to right: November 17, at 9: Subway stop Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. I only recently found a way to get my locally processed film which comes back very grungey clean enough for scanning but it is labour intensive and still needs work on the scan afterwards. I felt a bit like a peeping Tom taking this picture, but it was the only way to get a shot of this tennis club since it’s surrounded by shrubs.

Like a moth, I keep staring up at lights and lamps. As regards ICE — well, that’s where it all breaks down. Plan on 2 or 3 minutes overall for each scan.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Overview – CNET

The resolution to this is Hamrick VueScan which allows you to use this, and many other scanners with modern operating systems. Waterloo by Peter Teunissen. The dog by Peter Teunissen. It has no ICE.