Do not support external buses for example, USB. IPinCount The IPinCount interface provides a means for the miniport driver to monitor and manipulate its pin counts dynamically as pins are instantiated and closed. United States English Sign in. These port drivers are typically a subset of those that are available in the Portcls. IMiniportPnpNotify is an optional interface to allow miniport objects audio subdevices to receive PnP state change notifications. This component is provided in the form of a DLL Audiokse. SetDeviceFormat Sets the audio data format for an audio device.

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PortCls supplies a set of port drivers that implement most of the generic kernel streaming KS filter ka. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. The IMiniportTopology interface is the primary interface of a Topology miniport driver. In Windows 7 and later operating systems, the IPinName interface is used by miniport drivers to report and update the names of audio endpoints. The PcRegisterPhysicalConnectionFromExternal function registers a physical connection to an audio adapter filter from an external audio adapter filter.

There are no open issues. A set of helper functions that can be called by the adapter driver A collection of audio port drivers It is the responsibility of the hardware vendor of an audio device, to provide an adapter driver.


This division makes audio hardware drivers easier to write by isolating generic filter-implementation issues from device-specific hardware-interface issues. There are no open issues. In the preceding diagram, the KSEndpoint component is a system-supplied file that is provided with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

IMiniportAudioEngineNode – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

The caller accesses the key through this object. The following discussion assumes that the reader is familiar with kernel streaming KS concepts. The IUnregisterPhysicalConnection interface implements three methods to remove a registered physical connection.

The three filters together expose the complete functionality of the audio adapter. Send comments about this topic to Microsoft.

Rules for AVStream Drivers

Choose the type you’d like to provide: The eChannelTargetType enumeration defines constants that specify a type of node target in a given channel. The IPreFetchOffset interface controls the prefetch offset, which is the number of bytes separating the play and write cursors in a Minuport output stream.

Allow several port or miniport drivers to be linked for a specific device. Therefore, PortCls simplifies the task of the audio driver developer.

This interface allows a miniport driver to use KS properties that access the audio engine via a KS filter mjniport. Use a three-tiered approach that combines the class driver, port drivers, and vendor-supplied miniport drivers. The PcStreamResourceType enum is used to define the type of resources used for specific audio streaming.


The KsFilterMutex rule specifies that a KS miniport driver acquires and releases the filter mutex in the correct sequence. For background information, see Kernel Streaming. PortCls is implemented in the Portcls. The port driver implements this interface and exposes it to the miniport driver.

It is the responsibility of the hardware vendor of an audio device, to provide an adapter driver. Jiniport We’d love to hear your thoughts. The IServiceGroup interface encapsulates a group of objects that all require notification of the same service request.

The IMiniportAudioSignalProcessing interface is implemented by the WaveRT miniport component of any audio driver, if any of its pins support audio signal processing modes. Other Implementation Issues for Audio Drivers. There are no open issues. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. IPowerNotify The IPowerNotify interface is an optional interface that miniport drivers can expose if they require advance notification of impending power-state changes.