After digging some time I found the amazingly well written Python interface to the Raspberry Pi camera All necessary and important information, as well as all following Bulletins, will be posted on this site. Here you can find the website of the F3F timing system: I might not be understanding, when you say “detects a turn” does this mean it sends a signal when the course marker has been passed or after the sailplane has actually made a turn? How well does it handle moving grass and bushes in the field of view? I had some success with the help of Michael O.

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piCAMTracker F3F plane detection – RC Groups

This version has two antennas. Return to Multi Task F3X. Do you have an idea to fix the camera 1 to 1,5 camerz above the ground. Great news that you are doing more testing! I will repeat the test in calmer conditions.

And thank you for the flowers…….:

I have the MotCam cameras on tripods and those tripods have rope and stakes to attach them to the ground to make them stable. I had used the FXX tracker years ago for F3B practice camrea it worked in some scenarios, but it was not practical no Wireless, I did not have enough field of view with the camera, etc.


Comment from the actual world champion: Please read the Bulletin 0 about all the details you will need to be a part of this event. I had some water coming through the front lens c3f and some water coming trough the top openings.

Unfortunately I have not much results of this windy day because our Austrian colleague hits the center base with full speed and I was not able to recover it before the end of the day. Jul 04, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. So the project stopped again So, I’ve got a couple of questions! Jul 07, May 20, Low passes not turns were not detected.

Soon it showed up that the Raspberry is too slow for this task. The detailed pilot information for the different nations i.

The cover box I need to write the documentation Today we had a first successful training session. Last view on the South-East Slope in Vitt during the competition!


Welcome teams from all over the World!

US Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

You can find more infos about the teams on the teams-subpage. Junior Individual World Champion: For instance, you say that you are using a fisheye lens on the Pi2 camera. I had some success with the help of Michael O. Hi Barney Looks great!

American Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

Originally Posted by g00bd0g. We have worked with Simon and Alvaro to get detection directions as well as some smarts in the software to try and get rid of false positives like timing and such. Tracker in action Today we had a first successful training session. Originally Posted by concreteman. May cameraa, Camsra have several slopes here in Southern California where we might fly almost directly over the camera, and cannot put the camera far back enough to be out of the way of people as well as point below the cliff.