I’m not sure who copied who, but the code is essentially identical even down to some of the variable names. Always useful to have other’s work like this as a cross reference. I would like your feedbacks. The code I have is:. Notification of device removal can be switched off or ignored. Post as a guest Name. Just have fun and if you can find it useful, I’m happy.

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C# USB HID Utility

All projects use a common file usg hid. Hi, I was not familiar with that library, I might take a look at it when I get time. You will be asked again but choose not to send any data this time.

Notify me of new posts by email. Any help would be appreciated. I believe the below code taken from HidUtility will only attach events if run from a Windows form application. Read the device verify. Sorry but I haven’t studied wifi protocol, maybe later but it’s not one of csharrp priorities right now.

My vote of 5 Joe Woodbury 5-Aug Query the bootloader firmware version. The features I needed from my library to name a few were as follows: Window handle already exists.


From my point of view, from the moment I publish uwb class, please by all means feel free to use it as is, derive from it, take chunks that interest you, or you may find useful, or learn from it as much as you can without any obligation to me or even mention that I was involved in it. There is a possibility that if you made a class like this one before and published it somewhere, jid may find and recognize some chunks of code copied straight from yours.

FindHidDevices has a possible leak Member May 6: I would recommend http: And to learn to read HID Descriptor, use this tool: Unknown Coder 2, 15 64 Also, please comment on this post if anything needs clarification.

USB HID Driver Library

This library helped me a lot. Unfortunately, that code no longer gets maintained and is quite outdated by now.

So I’d like to know if anyone has a working example of this library code with the event handler firing. My vote of 5 Member Jul It really caused problems for my application.


hud My solution is now based on VisualStudio Community which is available for free and. First Prev Next Bag? Often that app specific code was part of the class itself just making it messier to read if you wanted to understand it. I am running the Windows Form example.

Joe Woodbury 5-Aug Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This function will be called at the textchanged event.

C# USB HID Interface – CodeProject

That said, I never used the console version in any of my programs after that. The connection part works but the event proc is never fired. The problem is that my program normally hangs at the above mentioned function.

What do I need to do to fully reset the USB system to prevent overlapping threads? Us do have a question.