The futuristic looking ePhoto was made by Sanyo and designed by a german company called Industrial Design Rubner. An interesting feature of the ePhoto is that the flash unit is attached to the side of the lens. Nikon D D The user controls are simple but powerful and put in the right places considering the size and shape of the camera. Take one picture in hi mode and then take the same picture in mode and allow PhotoGenie to do its thing to reconstruct the image and increase the resolution. Battery life is good to poor as with all LCD-only digicams, this could be improved by using a lithium rechargable battery like the Sony Mavicas. Most of the cheap wall warts are also not fully rectified and put out a good deal of AC voltage as well as DC voltage which can damage the camera’s internal electronics.

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In the “real world” I found the ePhoto to take good pictures in most indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

You may also like. For those interested — the Agfa AC adapter outputs 6. After leaving the camera store I went off to Dunedin Beach to get some sun-sand-water-boat shots but the sun ducked behind some clouds and stayed that way for the rest of the afternoon. The user controls are simple but powerful and put in the right places considering the size and shape of the camera.


There are four flash modes: It takes a while to get used to using the This is similar to the “gain up” feature of a camcorder but it is NOT grainy looking, it is quite bright and clear. The “” modes are x pixels and differ only in the amount of compression used. Look at them side by side and you will see the image quality differences between the two. I guess I got real spoiled by my Ricoh RDC-2 which has a little door you open and all four batteries fall out in your hand.

It is supposed to be available in January Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more zgfa a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 (1997)

You can install eephoto drivers manually for FREE. To make sure I flip it from Record to Playback mode and view the real stored image which looks properly exposed. You can see the difference yourself by performing a simple test. Considering the weight I would have needed to fetch another meter to read it.

There is a 5- and second self-timer option that can be turned on when needed.

Very simple, very slick! The teleconverter did ephkto bother the ‘s auto white balance and comparison pictures with and without it showed exactly the same colors and saturation values.

Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, I shot with the camera in total default “auto everything” mode and was amazed to see the results. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Battery life is still a problem as with all the LCD-only cameras. While at my local camera store I took a hip-shot of the salesman and positioned the camera so that I intentionally got a four-foot double flourescent fixture directly behind his head.


Optical Sensor Size metric. AA – nickel metal hydride – standard form factor. The serial numbers revealed that the matte body camera had a very low serial number.

AGFA Digital Camera ePHOTO User Guide |

This means that as you swivel the main body of the camera with the LCD screen the flash remains constant with the lens – always aiming towards the camea. All of the ‘s modes generate standard JPG images except for the “” mode which is interpolated by the PhotoGenie software.

Using it indoors ephoot a snap and most all of my pictures came out well-focused and colorful using the default “automatic” settings. Show More Show Less.

I now have an ePhoto with the equivalent of a mm telephoto lens. The battery drain and indicator response of the is as follows: The underexposure was very consistent so it is easily corrected by using the EV overrides, that is what they are for, right?