Basically classic midi-tower, just a bit longer. Superb customer care and always ready to check things as needed. Again , I have nothing negative to say about this board , its a good , solid performer , and with further BIOS updates may even better the 8K3A in the benchmarks race , but folks , benchmarks are not everything , good solid performance counts for more in my books , and this board has just that , I did not have a single problem with it , nothing , OK I didn’t could not try raid , but apart from that , I find myself in a situation where I have to give this MB 10 out of 10 , it just happens to be that good. The Epox 8K5A3 is one solid , high performance MB that anyone looking for a KT solution should take a long hard look at , with the release of the 8K3A Epox has proven it can produce a serious MB , and the 8K5A3 is a continuation of this , if not possibly an evolution into something even better. By purchasing this CPU you!! Installing the Board into my case was a no boner , with possibly the placement of the IDE slots including the 4 raid being a problem for some depending on the layout of your case , and the number of drives used , and the video card chosen , hehehehe what Im trying to say is , you could run out of space in a real hurry , real fast , for all those IDE cables , esp with a GF4 ti I would like to thank Andrew from MSY for making this review possible:

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I would like to thank Andrew from MSY for making this review possible: I have a lot of PC components starting in the 85a3 and up to the present time. This MB has been a sales success for Epox in the USAapparently selling like the proverbial hot cakeso strap eoox your seat belts folks8k53a lets take this board for a test drive.

You can Pay with: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Also I believe the possibility of damaging both V5 and MB is quite significant in the long term. By purchasing this CPU you!! Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: If you are installing a new CPU with a previously used heatsink, you must!! The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time.

I always wondered what happened to these see-through cases. The item is out of eppox and estimated to arrive on the date provided. We are a very small business, yet they have always taken the time to make sur….

If necessary this case can be disassembled. Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance! Superb customer care and always ready to check things as needed. Orders will be shipped on a first eopx first served basis.

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EPoX EP-8K5A3+ – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT333

Dpox by the biggest tech community forums. That one vintage computer enthusiast brony. It isn’t very flexible when changing HW configuration of the PC. Too bad I was too lazy to get few spare while the were still affordable.


EPoX Ep-8k5a3 Socket AMD Motherboard Athlon RAM mb | eBay

I remember seeing them for sale around or so but they seem to have disappeared. I have been reading this forum fo quite some time and today I decided to join the Vogons community. There are 16 M4 bolts holding the left side, nuts are soldered from the inside to 8 metal parts visible at the photo.

I don’t want to risk damage to the V5 with raised AGP clock.

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Speaking of raidthats 4 Channel raid offered on this board or 8 IDE devicesover and above the standard 4wonder if Maxtor would send me 80gig HDD’s?

I hope to do a similar platform in the future Is k85a3 hard to find a Voodoo 5 at a good price and even more difficult to find a good VIA KT mainboard I’m very interested about your case how you open it? Basically classic midi-tower, just a bit longer.

Arrived prompt, no problems at all. If an Epoxx is available it will be displayed on hover. Acrylic glass is tricky material to work with. The first and oldest one is my Voodoo5 build.