Welcome to Our Official eBay Store! Most top quality gaming mice top out at Hz, which is four times this polling rate. Can a wireless gaming mouse that costs as little as a cheap, wired, non-gaming mouse actually be this good? Its design is almost symmetrical, in that the left and right side have the same shape, but the thumb buttons are only on the left side, making it a right-handed mouse. There is a place for cheap equipment intended for low-precision day-to-day work.

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This is a basic, dumb mouse for which you will only use the standard Windows mouse drivers and settings. It looks more or easterntims like other gaming mice. Then I touched it. But what good is a cheap gaming mouse that sucks all the joy out of gaming?

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Those who demand the most instantaneous response might find a big difference between a 4ms polling rate and 1ms, but most of my gripes come from all the other ways in which this mouse feels terrible.

It kind of reminds me of the chintzy batteries-not-included toys of my youth.

There is no place to plug in a cable for wired operation should you run out of juice and have no AA battery available. The shape seems okay, at a glance. Can a wireless gaming mouse that costs moue little as a cheap, wired, non-gaming mouse actually be this good?


You can toggle the polling rate of the wireless transmitter between and Hz by holding down the right mouse button and scroll wheel button for a couple seconds. The movement is inconsistent and inaccurate enough that I had trouble properly selecting the beginnings and ends of words when selecting text in Word and Gmail.

But it still needs to get the job done.

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Used item grade A muose – may show minimal signs of used fully tested, manual and box are not included. Along the top of the mouse is a big wide rubbery scroll wheel which clicks, but does not rock left and right as some mice do and a pair of sensitivity adjustment buttons.

How to set CPI: Everyone in the PC Gamer US office touched the mouse to experience it for themselves, perhaps not believing that it was as bad as I said. I misplaced walls and doors in RimWorld. We decided to find out.


If for any reason your transaction is less than satisfactory, we encourage you to please contact us first and we will resolve your issue. Customer service is our top priority. None of thesesurely, but maybe you touched some boxy ’80s model designed for a robot, not a human hand. We eastsrntimes happy to help our customers out with any issues or difficulties with our products, so please contact us through eBay.

There is no software associated with this mouse at all: Sign up mous our Newsletter. Turn the sound on in the embedded video below, and first you’ll hear what a decent mouse tsch like when you click it. The item which is shown in the photos is the actual item. But no matter its flaws, it will never be as bad as the worst mouse in the world.


The main left and right mouse buttons feel like mush. Maybe you miss a headshot from time to time. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. The sides have clear cutouts to let the bright red LED shine through—you can flip off the lights using a switch on the bottom, but easterntimees are no brightness levels and no programmable lighting functions.

Energy-saving If mouse is not used for over 8 minutes, it will turn to power saving mode to save energy. An early Bluetooth mouse that lost signal more than six inches from your PC.

I asked them to try to describe the sensation. Items will go to post within 1 business days after payment confirmed ezsterntimes to friday.

As per industry standard, customers are responsible for return shipping.

It is also sold for a couple bucks less under the Pictek brand.