June 15, at To get a higher output, remember that this circuit runs on a fixed frequency and does not lock onto the resonant frequency of the secondary as most SSTC does f. May 1, at How do i keep parts from frying so easily. If not what is the function of this capacitor?

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October 3, at Your best bet is a laptop battery charger that provides at least A at 18 to 22V. It could also be that the arc is too long, they are very sensitive to air movement when too long.

This is a audio modulated arc generator designed for simplicity rather than reliability, its made with very few and common components. I am still getting little arc, but the current now is very low,now i am going to find the resonant frequency xD, thanks!!

555 Audio modulated flyback

Any opinions or suggestions please? Hello, I am building this circuit. I have just one question: How can it protect the gate.

Can you upload to youtube detail video mofulated of new prototype driver. Is it possible to use a 2n November 8, at Or shield the driving part well with aluminum e. Also, I see five volts on your meters — not enough at all to drive the chip, lest the gate.


October aucio, at Once you plug in the audio signal, you might have to adjust the pots to get the best push from the driver circuit. Hy Jozef First of all, thank you very very much for yours answers, i reworked my circuit because it was not like yours and here is the link to the schematics and photos.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The audio portion like I suggested get a loud amplified source like a jambox or stereo system. If you have all this, you should have no problem having success early on.

Read this document about safety! It produces a lot of Ozone! It was once my plan to make a improved version with a simple driver stage with two transistors as you mention.

Thanks for the reply, Jozef! Thanks very much for your help. The circuit seems to be very efficient but the problem is that, the high voltage peaks destroy the transistor and the timer.

Once you have the driver circuit up and running, you should be able to simply take the thick red wire from the flyback it might have a suction cup thing on it and bring it closely to some of the exposed leads of the bottom, you will easily modluated several that spark with a very high pitch squeal, but one of them will be modulaed very strong.


June 27, at For loud sparks, charge a capacitor at the output, or make yourself a multiplier.

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

Thanks modultaed mads great project. I connect audio and can only hear it when the adjust the variable resistors to a point where there is no spark. What program do you use to make your schematics? The solution is to run with one power supply i use now 9V battery and the mosfet and the primary with another I use the lab power supplyDO not forget to connect the ground of the two power supplies together, Now it works!!!!

Saattvik December 25, at Parece que no tienes mucho tiempo para responder los comentarios ….