On September 29, , a group of motorcyclists were participating in an annual rally, titled “Hollywood Stuntz,” organized by a man named Jamie Lao. Blue light in the sky over NYC was ‘not aliens’: The mob had yanked Lien from the car and mercilessly kicked and pummeled him as he cowered on the ground. These new groups are racially diverse, younger, loosely affiliated, and do not use the group for the purposes of furthering criminal enterprises. Motorcyclist Reggie Chance, who was identified as the one who broke Lien’s window with his helmet, turned himself in to Manhattan’s 33rd Precinct on October 4. During the ride a year prior, “well over a thousand motorcycles, dirt bikes , quads , four-wheel vehicles” rode through Times Square, according to New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Alexian Lien

I think it also protects the motorcyclists themselves”, said Espaillat. After bystanders urged the men to back off, Ng hopped into the backseat to check on her 2-year-old daughter who was covered in shattered glass. Retrieved December 4, The nature of their activity is generally conspiratorial, and their goals are attained through use of violence and intimidation.

This sentence will run consecutively with the other two, leaving alexiaan with two years in jail. The assault continued until a bystander named Sergio Consuegra intervened, stepping in between the bikers and Lien. Bratton explained that traditional motorcycle gangs are typically white, rooted in a specific neighborhood, and often are involved in drug dealing. New video shows enraged riders pulling Alexian Lien from his Range Rover alfxian at a red light in Washington Heights and beating him after wild aldxian harrowing chase along the West Side Highway.


aleian An undercover cop on trial in the biker gang assault of a Manhattan dad squirmed on the stand as prosecutors challenged his claim that he did nothing to help the Rangers New York Rangers.

However, Jamie Lao, who organized the rally, asserts that the title “Hollywood Stuntz” does not apply to the riders, but is a moniker he goes by himself.

The undercover cop on trial in the gang assault of an SUV driver said he thought victim Alexian Lien was the bad guy after the motorist ran over a motorcycle Off-duty undercover officer Wojciech Braszczok was initially charged with assault, gang assault, riot and criminal mischief.

ABC New York 7. He was screaming profanities at us, and he was also making slitting-throat gestures. Another one of the crazed motorcyclists caught on video brutally beating a Columbia grad in front of his wife and infant daughter in took a plea deal Tuesday in Mets New York Mets. He stated that he was not threatening Lien when he was hit, but was instead checking on Cruz after his accident and does not blame Lien for his injuries.

Motorcyclist Reggie Chance, who was identified as the one who broke Lien’s window with his helmet, turned himself in to Manhattan’s 33rd Precinct on October 4. Retrieved June 3, In DecemberLien filed a notice of claim regarding the city of New York for the involvement of an off-duty police detective in the attack, accusing the police department of failing to properly train their officers.


New York City Police Department.

Hollywood Stuntz gang assault

Retrieved January 20, The charges require permanent disfigurement. A Manhattan judge Tuesday convicted an undercover cop of felony assault and other raps for his role in the brutal motorcycle The bikers beat on the window of his car, but the driver was unharmed.

Emotional testimony from the terrified wife of a Tribeca banker beaten by a pack of wild bikers aexian, including an undercover cop, was backed by graphic video that captured the violent confrontation. liej

Aledian biker gang attack on Alexian Lien”. Following the publicity for the video shot on September 29, other videos surfaced of the group on other rides.

Wife of dad beaten by bikers cries as she details harrowing ordeal

Retrieved August 10, The sentences for those charges will run concurrently. Great deals on last-minute gifts for the whole family. Kelly reported that the altercation with Lien was not the only problem involving the group on September 29, as over other people had complained to the police about the reckless driving of the bikers on Manhattan’s streets that day. News anchor found dead in hotel.

The group did not have permits to do so. The video shows many of the bikers gathering around the Range Rover driven by Lien. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.