So, what Canon did was to reverse the process, and make the XL2’s native format That’s steep for a prosumer camcorder, but for a professional camera, it’s peanuts. Also, you have “force-run” options in which you can use multiple cameras on a shoot with the same time code. They shipped these cameras by the thousands to California’s San Fernando Valley. You will see how all this comes together as we continue. With single-image display Info.

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This is because Canon has introduced more magnesium alloys into the body, to make the camera more robust. Available range varies by shooting mode. Adjust the color phase of the image towards red or green for exact control see the example of the dancers in the red dress.

But it’s what Canon did inside that is truly remarkable. The big problem for Canon will be stocking the stores. Unlike earlier models, you no longer have to dial in “near and far” to sharpen the image when the camera is not mounted on the operator’s shoulder.

Evaluative metering zone 2. When Canon first designed the XL1 in the mid-’90s, frankly they had no idea what they had on their hands. Why, you may ask?

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Now the four audio controls behind the door can be adjusted for four xamera channels of stereo. AF point expansion Manual selection, 4 points: The custom keys that used to be inside the door of the XL1 have been repositioned below the handle atop the camera.


Helps reduce image noise in highlight areas. Up to six top-tier menu options and Custom Function settings can be registered. So it was clear to Canon, as it is to almost all manufacturers of high-end equipment, that new products must be optimized for these formats. If the new card already contains images, the numbering will continue from the last recorded image in the card.

The selectable metering modes can be restricted with a Custom Function. The key to its success was its modular design, which was revolutionary for the time. With single-image display Info.

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The gamma curve of the image can be adjusted independently for a normal video look or a “film look. The numbering continues even when the folder changes.

What this meant was that if you were serious about producing a wide-screen film, it was best to continue to shoot in the standard 350000 So, to start, the key difference is that the XL2 features a native Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending.

The old 16X lens has been replaced with a new 20X fluorite lens. The audio section, which was one of the XL’s strong points to start with, has been refined even more.


The highlight area is adjustable.

Even more amazingly, it began to show up on Hollywood sound stages. There are two settings, “normal” for detail optimized for playback on an interlaced monitor, and “low” for a progressive scan monitor like a PC. They shipped these cameras by the thousands to California’s San Fernando Valley. To get the old 4: This results in the smooth pictures that we are used to seeing on our TV sets.

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So, what Canon did was to reverse the process, and make the XL2’s native format Canon now gets a full You will then note that a new and more comfortable shoulder pad, which has the built-in balanced XLR inputs with Phantom power, has replaced the shoulder pad that most people took off in favor of the optional MA or MA XLR adaptor, which allowed you to connect professional audio accessories such as wireless mics, and is now a standard, built-in feature.

Same as the ISO speed used for movie shooting. The following camera controls can be customized by assigning the desired function: